T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ in U.S Stores with MOTOBLUR, Price & Details

The Motorola CLIQ is now available in U.S T-Mobile Stores for $199.99, this is the first phone with MOTOBLUR and the CLIQ will deliver your contacts, e-mail, messages, photos and updates from social sites and more.

You can now purchase the Motorola CLIQ first Android-powered device with MOTOBLUR from T-Mobile USA Stores right now. T-Mobile has also launched the brand new T-Mobile Motorola CLIQ Challenge today as well, this is a new nationwide contest to build the largest college fan club on Facebook, for more information please visit www.facebook.com/tmobile

Motorola CLIQ Features: 5 Megapixel Camera, 3G Network, Wi-Fi access, MOTOBLUR, Bluetooth, Visual Voicemail, Full QWERTY keyboard, GPS built-in, Micro SD memory slot, Touch screen and so much more. Read the full press release