Adobe Flash: Three Reasons Why not on iPhone

Adobe has announced Flash Player 10.1 which will become available by the year’s end on smartphones such as Android, Palm, Windows Mobile, Symbian and BlackBerry handsets, yet still Apple denies millions of iPhone user Adobe Flash.

So pcworld has come up with three reasons why they think Apple won’t allow Adobe Flash on the iPhone, which are…Apple doesn’t want Flash on their iPhone; at first it was believed the iPhone hardware wasn’t powerful enough to support Flash but with the iPhone 3GS has doubled power and RAM.

Next, Apple created the iPhone so it won’t support Adobe Flash which means 3rd party browsers such as Opera and Firefox can’t use Safari’s Java engine either. Then there’s Apple setting their sights on a different standard HTML5. Editors of HTML5 are Apple’s David Hyatt and Google’s Ian Hickinson, and Google standard Android installations don’t support Adobe Flash either, only custom ones like the HTC Hero.


2 thoughts on “Adobe Flash: Three Reasons Why not on iPhone”

  1. Just yet another reasoon to avoid the iPhone. Its strikes me as a really bizzare thing that you BUY something outright which means you own it, yet strangely you dont.

    Whilst I like the design and UI of the iPhone I really do not like the way Apple controls their product or the way they vet software designers unfairly. If I buy a device I want and need it to be fully in my control and that means that the iPhone will NEVER be on my purchase list.

    I’d recommend the Nokia 5800 as a pretty good alternative.

  2. There are already something like 80 thousand apps for the iPhone. Now it looks like that might just be the start. Creating games with Flash is an easy intuitive way for those with limited skills to create games.

    I foresee an explosion of new games for the iPhone.

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