Smartphones to gain full Adobe Flash, but iPhone still says no

Full Flash is on its way to smartphones, meaning smartphone users will be able to access more rich services and apps found on desktops, and ensures animated front page websites and embedded videos will be fully viewable on a smartphone reports the Telegraph.

As of early next year Adobe Flash software will be available on most high end smartphones like Palm, Nokia, Windows Mobile, and Android handsets, but not on the iPhone.

The new Flash version supports touch screen handsets and HD video and is part of the Open Screen Project. To enable Flash on the iPhone Adobe needs Apple cooperation as the Safari browser does not support plug-ins.


One thought on “Smartphones to gain full Adobe Flash, but iPhone still says no”

  1. That’s a real shame that Apple isn’t willing to update Safari to enable this to work. The iPhone is without a doubt the best mobile internet browsing device but Flash would be the icing on the cake…