Full Sprint HTC Hero Review with videos, Android now competing

The Sprint branded HTC Hero has now been given a full review along with 9 videos of the HTC Hero in action and the reviewer basically agrees with most sources that the Sprint HTC Hero is mostly exactly the same handset as the original HTC Hero.

The guys over at phandroid certainly have delved into the Sprint HTC Hero and come up with a very extensive review and deliver the most comprehensive coverage possible.

They cover the HTC Hero hardware, the Sprint HTC Hero vs. Palm Pre vs. European Hero, the Sprint HTC Hero software, and their final thoughts and all accompanied by a video; so for that full review hit up the link, and view the videos below.


3 thoughts on “Full Sprint HTC Hero Review with videos, Android now competing”

  1. Luke says:

    Can you check about tethering/Mobile Network Sharing? The Sprint Hero manual said it included it, but there was some question about whether or not it actually works or not.

    Thanks for the videos!!

  2. Great reviews I am waiting for the Hero in my area since Sprint is really pushing the 4G in the DFW area. On the side I have an AT&T and I would like instruction on how to clean install Android and what version you would suggest.

  3. Luke,

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