Is the HTC Hero really an iPhone killer?

As usual, a smartphone comes out, gets reviewed and compared against other smartphones and ends up being tagged as a potential “iPhone Killer” handset.

Much the same has happened with the HTC Hero as ibtimes reports the HTC Hero has the trappings of a potential iPhone Killer.

Is the HTC Hero going to go the same route as the Nokia N97, Nokia 5800 XpressMusic, Samsung Omnia and the Palm Pre, all touted as being able to take down the iconic iPhone? Well apparently the HTC Hero is different to the others “because it doesn’t have the looks or features of a killer but that a cold-blooded assassin.”

To be honest, they go on about the HTC’s looks, features and software, but nothing we haven’t heard before, and nothing that makes the HTC Hero more an iPhone assassin that any before.

So what do you think, can the HTC Hero kill off the iPhone?


5 thoughts on “Is the HTC Hero really an iPhone killer?”

  1. How can u even think tht htc hero can beat tht piece of £@!$%$$$£%%$£^^!! i mean i knw i don’t like tht crappy iphone but i am definate it cannot be beaten by another cruddy phone like HTC HERO.

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