Does the iPhone suck this bad?

Would you agree with the guys over at Crave when they say although the iPhone is the highest rated mobile phone on Cnet UK, is the greatest handheld surfing device ever to rock the mobile web and a fabulous media player, when it comes to actually making a call, the iPhone is rubbish!

Apparently they believe so and say they can prove it and go on to say that iPhone call quality is “pathetic” due mostly to the handset’s tiny speaker which needs to be aligned with your ear canal with the accuracy of a laser guided “ninja.”

They then go on to rant about the iPhone may burn your face off, dropped calls and data gaps, the battery life and that the iPhone sucks. So what are your views readers does the iPhone suck?


4 thoughts on “Does the iPhone suck this bad?”

  1. Kat says:

    I couldnt wait to ditch my blackberry curve to iphone 5 months ago but now having used the iphone, i want my blackberry back!!!

    Whats wrong the iphonem you ask?

    1. Iphone touch keypad is cool and annoying at the same time. Find it hard and not user friendly when typing emails, sms and notes. As a result, my mobile email usage on the iphone has dwindled dow to almost zero. I can view emails but i hate replying to emails using the touchpad interface. Its just a pain to do so and takes longer than it would on a Blackberry.

    2. Iphone double sync all of my calendar and contact entries. I dont know why it does this even though I have changed my settings to one default calendar and contacts.

    3. I cant change the font size or style of emails. I like a smaller font, I am not blind, I dont need other people being able to see my email headers.

    4. I cant change the SMS tones and have to pick 8 tones that the iphone already has. Boring. Miss the sonar tone.

    5. The internet access and other features are OK. the novelty has worn off. I dont surf the internet that frequently anyway.

    I want my crackberry back. There is a reason why its called crackberry.

  2. Vincent says:

    You are an idiot. Read the freaking documentation you can customize anything on the Iphone, tones, apps you can even jailbreak the thing, the keyboard sucks, I can type faster on my iphone that I can on my computer, and I develop software for a living. Best device out there period. Watch the NExxus One though…

  3. abc says:

    you can type faster on the iphone than you can on your computer and you are a software developer? the subtext here is you are a piss poor software developer if that's the case.

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