Joe Colombo inspired home phone available in UK

It would appear that a Joe-Colombo inspired home phone is on its way to the United Kingdom and is known as the Colombo One home phone is a somewhat sleekly designed handset considering its inspiration reports an article over on techdigest.

This white home phone stands vertical on its white panel base with a decidedly retro “60’s” feel about it, but its features aren’t 60’s as it includes a digital answering machine and text messaging capabilities.

The Colombo One can store 250 contacts, a 1.4 inch full graphic inverse display, and has 20 ring tones; the Colombo One home phone is apparently available via Argos and command a price tag of £33.32.


2 thoughts on “Joe Colombo inspired home phone available in UK”

  1. Andy says:

    Avoid avoid avoid at all costs!! Look good but shit the day they come out of the box! 6 months down the line, the answer button has stopped working. Give your money to charity, do not buy these phones. You have been warned!

  2. vun vong says:

    I'm looking for 5.8 ghz frequency colombo.I'd appreciate if you could inform me of any available. Many thanks.