Who will offer Droid in UK? Not O2 or T-Mobile

So if or when the Motorola Droid comes to the UK which carrier will carry it? Well, it appears you can strike out O2 and T-Mobile for offering the Motorola Droid in the UK as T3 reports neither will carry the smartphone.

Apparently, the head of handset and device marketing for T-Mobile UK, Nicola Shenton has stated that T-Mobile tested the Motorola Droid 6 months ago but have decided it is not right for the UK market and also that it was a “great phone and had lots to offer.”

Apparently a source has said the real reason was the handset doesn’t pack the aesthetics necessary for the UK and also expressed surprise that Droid was actually picked up by Germany and Italy.

Furthermore apparently O2 has also confirmed they will not be ranging the Droid in the UK after they plan to do so in Europe; which basically leaves just Vodafone and Orange to snap up the Droid.

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