iPhone vs Droid vs Palm Pre: The Real Cost

The Verizon Wireless Droid launches on Friday and there has been quite a bit of confusion over just how much the Motorola Droid will actually cost. Several article across the web have apparently accused Verizon of “nickel and diming,” their customers with service fees reports pcworld.

Is the Exchange cost true? But more importantly what people really want to know is how much will the Motorola Droid cost against such smartphones as the Palm Pre or iPhone.

The guys over at pcworld based their cost comparison on an “individual, personal use customer, buying a handset under a new two-year contract”, and assumes the user would want 450 anytime minutes, unlimited internet, and unlimited SMS along with carrier activation fee, and found that the Palm Pre on Sprint comes in the cheapest with estimated plan costs of $1865.75, with the iPhone at $2394.75 and the Droid at a rather large $2634.75, for more hit up the link.


5 thoughts on “iPhone vs Droid vs Palm Pre: The Real Cost”

  1. Justin says:

    I know… the Palm Pre is awesome

    The Motorola Droid seems cool and all but just not feelin’ it like the excitement I had with the Palm Pre and thankfully I wasn’t disappointed at all.

    The Pre just needs video recording and more apps in it’s app store.

    The Droid uses Android OS which has been around for a year already or so.

    For a 6-month phone (Palm Pre) I gotta say that was impressive

    Hopefully they reach 10000 apps

  2. Davie says:

    I am currently looking at these phones and trying to decide which way to go (Palm Pre vs. Android). What my question is, if both the Pre and the Android phones are all Linux based, can or will the Pre be able to run Google apps other than the pre-installed Google Maps?

  3. isaac ''The sex machine'' says:

    I’ve had the Pre for over 3 months and I gotta say, I’ve had no problems with it. It’s the best phone I’ve ever had and with the Sprint everything plan I’m less $60 months. Unlimited text, internet, gps and PORN. Get the Pre on Sprint….. Hi cuz.

  4. I love Palm Pre! I like an android phone. I used to have T-Mobile G1. But the way how the OS and apps work, I like Pre better!

    @Jason, I agree with you that it needs a video recording feature. You can hack by installing via specific Homebrew app, I heard some say it works very well. I didnt try it yet. Though it is unofficial from Palm.

    Again, @Justin, you are right that we need more apps on the App Store, but remember, there are two app locations: App Store by Palm and Homebrew App Gallery by PreCentral.net; they have more than 600 apps (App Store has 358 apps and Homebrew has 301 apps) now and are still growing.

    I know iPhone has 90,000 apps and Android has 10,000. But Palm will get there. Pre just has released around June this year. It is only 5 months old. iPhone was released around in June 2007. The first Android was released in October 2008.

    @Isaac I had no problem with Pre, too. I had to say that it is the best phone I ever had. I had Sidekick, Helio, Blackberry Curve, T-Mobile Dash, and T-Mobile G1 before I got Palm Pre. I dont think I will exchange for another phone for a long time…

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