Motorola Droid Snatches Limelight from Storm 2 and Bold 9700

It appears that the Motorola Droid is nicking quite a bit of the limelight from RIM’s two new BlackBerry handsets the BlackBerry Storm 2 and the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and neither is garnering as much attention as the Motorola Droid reports pcworld.

They say that with so much hype surrounding the Motorola Droid, it couldn’t be a worse time for BlackBerry smartphone maker RIM to push out their two new BlackBerry handsets because everyone is focused on the Droid.

They also say that the better investment is to go for the Droid as its 2 year contract tops that of the BlackBerry Storm 2 and the BlackBerry Bold 9700, and for the same price the Motorola Droid provides a better camera, runs Android, has a better browser, and has the 2nd largest app store.

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