Verizon Motorola Droid Tethering Price Confirmation: It will hurt!

Verizon has now given confirmation about its Motorola Droid tethering plan, and trust us it will hurt your pocket.

If you want the ability to connect your Motorola DROID with your laptop it is going to be at a hefty cost, you can use the handset as a wireless modem not sure when this will all happen Network World has given some pricing details.

It will cost an extra $30 per month which basically doubles the Droid-related fees, the price tag as said is $30 for Mobile Broadband Connect which will get you 5GB of data transfer, Verizon do charge 5 cents for each additional megabyte over that limit.

As it doubles the cost of the data plan that is on top of the subscriber’s voice plan it means you pay a total of $60 per month for “unlimited” data access on handset or laptop, for more information please visit Engadget.

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