Motorola Droid for $99.99 from Wirefly

If you have been struggling against your inner droidness and fought off the overpowering desire to hit your nearest Verizon store and pick up the Motorola Droid then you just may have made a good decision as the guys over at intomobile report you can now pick up a Motorola Droid for just $99.99.

Apparently Wirefly is now offering the new Motorola Droid for a cool $99.99 on a new or extended two year agreement, and for that $99.99 Wirefly will ship the Droid right to your door free of charge and there’s no mail in rebate to go through either.

The guys checked out the deal and although the promo advert says the Droid will require new activation of the $59.99 monthly rate plan with Verizon, they checked it out opting for the cheaper $39.99 monthly plan and everything seemed to go through ok although they did halt at the processing payment info.


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