Can Motorola Droid Dent iPhone Market Share?

The Verizon Motorola Droid is now out after Verizon and Motorola have heavily marketed the new smartphone which has apparently been dubbed the next “iPhone killer” reports an article over on the epoch times.

They go on to say that Verizon’s first attempt to combat iPhone sales last year flopped with the BlackBerry Storm, and Verizon desperately needed an entertainment device to compete with AT&T, and that is now the Motorola Droid.

Then finalise with the Motorola Droid being Verizon’s first Android handset and their first legitimate threat to iPhone market share dominance. So what do you think, can Droid take market share from the iPhone?


4 thoughts on “Can Motorola Droid Dent iPhone Market Share?”

  1. Drew J. says:

    It will take business away from all other smart phone manufacturers for Verizon, namely the Blackberry. Also, I think people will switch from the iPhone with AT&T to the Droid with Verizon. Verizon is the better cell phone company and now it sells, I believe, the best smart phone on the market. If you look at the phones side by side, the Droid is definitely more jam packed with features than the iPhone. I give it less than a year for Apple to start copying some of its features: turn by turn GPS, QWERTY keyboard, removable battery, 5 megapixel camera, double LED camera flash, etc…

  2. elvis alvira says:

    The android platform has been around for over a year with T-Mobiles G1…its also in the My Touch and the newer motorola cliq….though they have been somewhat successful they have yet to unthrone the iPhone. I blame T-Mobile for a extremely poor effort in marketing their android based phones. I do believe Verizon will do an outstanding job with marketing the droid… iPhone look out, ATT and apple will start to feel the hurt very soon…..Android is the future of all mobile phones…

  3. jason says:

    after the android came out and all of there commercials It actually made me go out and buy Iphones and drop verizon. so far I like ATT better were I live.