Can Orange UK Network Handle the iPhone?

The Apple iPhone has now finally arrived on Orange UK, and roughly a day after the iPhone goes live with Orange UK, Orange spokesman Conor Maples apparently claims that Orange UK has sold more than 30,000 iPhones and that smashes what they believe is the previously published first day sales record for a mobile phone in the United Kingdom.

So what has Orange done to make things go so smoothly? Well apparently the guys of itpro.co.uk went behind the scenes at Orange to find out, and the first thing they found was that Orange isn’t actually doing anything out of the ordinary to make sure the iPhone is welcomed.

Orange UK does have the experience of their parent company to take advantage of along with the iPhone teething pains O2 and others went through, and a tour of Orange’s Bristol services management centre and tech management centre basically shows what Orange is made of.

Orange UK’s head of networks, Tim Smith said that they have learnt a lot from what they have seen in France with the iPhone and it gave them a lot of insight into customer behaviour and consumption and what they found was users consume more data than the average user and thus Orange has to ensure such activity doesn’t interfere with network performance.

When asked what Orange was doing to make sure their network was primed for the iPhone the reply was simply a case of business as usual.

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