Nokia N97 Mini Turns all White

The slightly smaller bother of the Nokia N97, the Nokia N97 Mini has now gained a rather festive makeover which isn’t just intended for the festive season of course as the Nokia N97 Mini puts on a snow white coat.

When Nokia first introduced the Nokia N97 Mini smartphone the handset was expected in just 2 colours Garnet and Cherry Black and now only after a few days after launch the N97 Mini comes in a 3rd colour variation reports gsmarena.

Spec wise though the Nokia N97 Mini still remains the same, 5 megapixel camera, 3.2 inch resistive touch screen, the famous slide out QWERTY keyboard, and still packs only 8GB internal memory, shame they didn’t up that as well with this new colour variant.

The Nokia N97 Mini White is already available in select stores but should become widely available with other merchants sometime in the not too distant future; the only real problem with the Nokia N97 Mini is its price tag which is roughly the same as the original Nokia N97.


3 thoughts on “Nokia N97 Mini Turns all White”

  1. Miniman says:

    I own an N97 mini and it has a very good set of hardware features but it is let down by the OS. The qwerty key board is the highlight of the design and also the hi-res screen. The touchscreen works but it does not feel special. The phone looks alright. Apart from the occasional bugs in the software (errors, lock-ups) the OS feels unrefined and inconsistent. It can be sluggish and Nokia's battery life specs are bordering on dishonest. As soon as you actually use your phone, battery life plummets to just acceptable. The sound during calls is surprisingly low quality. Whoever designed the charger should be publicly flogged. For it's small size, it's as unfriendly as you can make it. I can't plug in anything either side of it on my powerboard. Sometimes I slide the keyboard out and put the phone on my desk and want to type but hang on! The stupid thing rocks as I type because the bottom surface is not flat.
    The N97 mini has some nice things about it but in hindsight, I wouldn't buy it again. I can't believe Nokia with so much experience of making phones couldn't do better. Do they test their phones' usability with real users before they release the phones or do they just think they know best what we need??

  2. gogirl says:

    this is the worst phone i think i have ever had.  i got it on a two year contract and have regretted it ever since. firstly it is not well made, the keyboard has started to peal away so i had to glue it back down, then the unlock key broke and it took nokia 3 months to fix it. unacceptable.  what is stupid is that you can cap the amount of texts you have in your outbox but not in your inbox so you can have 800,000+ texts in there..but itll get to a point were its stopped ringing. As a person who is always on their phone this is stupid, the limit is now only about 250 because the phone is dying. it freezing all the time, sometimes it will vibrate and wont stop until you take out the battery, the touch screen breaks.  I have had to use a spare phone SO MANY TIMES. this phone is not worth the money i am paying for it.  i would advise anyone to stay a million miles  away from the n97/mini its rubbish.

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