Phone Fake caller ID: What is Spoof Card?

Many of our readers have been searching for Phone Fake so we had a little look into this and found something really interesting, Phone Fake or PhoneFake.com to spoof your caller ID for free was featured on Law and Order SVU last night.

Well according to Lalate PhoneFake.com is fake and we checked out this site also and yes it is fake, but you can spoof your caller ID with someone called Spoof Card, ok so what is SpoofCard? Well basically it gives you the option to change whatever someone see’s on their caller ID.

This will happen when the person receives a phone call, all you need to do is simply dial the SpoofCard toll free number or local access number in your country and then enter your PIN, you will then be asked to enter a destination number and then followed by the phone number which you wish to show up on the Caller ID.

“..I call someone from my phone, and the person’s caller ID displays a number that I intend them to see. My privacy is protected. Simple as that!” For more information about Spoof Card please visit spoofcard.com

Oh just so you know you can get the Spoof Card iPhone app via iTunes as well. Please let us know if you have used this and tell us why you used it.


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