Video: WebOS 1.3.1 Running on Palm Pixi

For all you webOS wonders out there in Palm land we have a video for your viewing pleasure today courtesy of precentral, but this time round it’s not a video of the Palm Pre but of its cousin, the Palm Pixi running webOS 1.3.1.

It’s not long until the new Palm Pixi launches on Sprint so any news on the Palm Pixi is good news and this video of the Palm Pixi shows the handset running webOS 1.3.1 which was of course the version which was seeded to select developers a while ago.

The video which can be viewed below doesn’t really showcase any of the expected new features in webOS 1.3.1 but it does appear to sport a snappy user interface and it’s always nice to see new gear in action.

So that’s about it really, just hit up the Palm Pixi running WebOS 1.3.1 video below, which has a running time of nearly four minutes and enjoy

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