HTC Passion (Dragon) Pre Black Friday 2009 Verizon Release is false

The HTC Passion (Dragon) is being released by Verizon according to BGR and hopefully we should see it this side of Black Friday 2009, well a new update says that it will be mid-December now.

You can also visit BGR to see a larger image of the HTC Passion (Dragon) phone screen as well, this handset will apparently be running Android and using HTC Sense UI, the reason we say this is because the picture shows a high resolution screen with an HTC Sense UI-looking clock/weather widget.

The handset will also have a 5 megapixel camera, as said above the HTC Passion aka Dragon was said over on BGR to be coming this side of Black Friday but in fact BGR recently updated their publication which now says “Actually, I meant to write mid-December. Our previous scoop said either the Curve2 or Dragon would come out around Black Friday, or we know that the Curve2 is being released on November 20th.”

If anyone has any information about the above please do let us know because we are intrigued to see the release date and of course price. Is this phone going to be a good one, will it compete with the likes of the iPhone, Storm2, DROID? Well let’s see shall we.


5 thoughts on “HTC Passion (Dragon) Pre Black Friday 2009 Verizon Release is false”

  1. Aaron says:

    First of all, comparing the passion to the iPhone is like comparing a ferrari to a pinto. This phone is going to raise the bar for smartphones. 1ghz speed, WVGA capacitive touchscreen, 5mp camera. This will be the very top of the line phone for 2010.

  2. Jeff says:

    Aaron, you are so right, once the Passion is released people will find out what a limited device the iphone really is, and theres no app for that. Whats also interesting is that lg is aloso coming out with a droid phone wrist watch style. Shades of Dick Tracy.

  3. syscrash says:

    Come on people, wake up and use common sense. If it was coming out Black Friday you would see ads running everywhere. You people crack me up. They will market the hell out of this phone most likely a month before it comes out. They want to drum up as much hype as they can so their sales will hit the roof. I wish the verizon fanboys will not stop with the fact this is coming out for BIG Red. It has already been proven that it will not. Lets move on.

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