Motorola Droid to get own Qik rebuild with 480p streaming

Okay, the word is although Qik has been available for Android for a while now, when considering the new Motorola Droid smartphone, Qik seems to have been in awe and thus has performed a special rebuild which apparently delivers several new features according to an article on engadget mobile.

Obviously the main new feature with Qik is Android 2.0 support and what can only be described as impressive 720 x 480 streaming video resolution which just happens to be perfect for the Motorola Droid’s display and 5 megapixel camera.

Thus new rebuild also features something tha Qik has named “Speed Sharing Ribbon,” which is actually an area at the bottom of the screen which enables the user to “drop” frequent contacts for video sharing.

As yet there’s no news on just when the new Droid orientated build will actually be available to the Motorola Droid and their owners but apparently it is already at the invite only beta stage of the game so shouldn’t take too long.

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