Nokia N900 Project Meamo Teaser Video: Very Weird

Now we all know that the Nokia N900 is an awesome looking phone at that is has now been released, but what you did not know is how weird the video to go with it is; welcome to Project Meamo.

Below you can watch the 2.36 minute video called ‘The Nokia N900 – the journey starts here’, this is a very weird video and pretty twisted but very well put together I might add. It basically shows you the dark side to the Nokia N900, this bizarre and twisted teaser campaign video for the N900 is pretty impressive where you see four people sitting in an interview room with reflections off other people behind the interview room glass.

This video teaser is basically just a weird as Cloverfield, it has the same sort of camera shoot, and you really have to watch the video below which we found via pocket-lint.

We want you to watch the Nokia N900 Project Meamo Teaser Video below and let us know what you think about it, is this very clever indeed or just plain weird. If you like the Nokia N900 please check out a previous article we did where we asked “Nokia N900 Now Shipping: Can it beat iPhone, BlackBerry or Motorola?


One thought on “Nokia N900 Project Meamo Teaser Video: Very Weird”

  1. Claude says:

    bill seinkewicz would be proud of the influence his little warlock character from the new mutants comic book has manifested in the case of young nokia-spawn, here. i loved everything about the commercial. still, i'm buying an evo. i'm thinking hard about nokia on an emotional/presence level now, though. it's about time they started capitalizing on some of their "matrix cool." "LONG LIVE THE NEO FLESH!"

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