3-way split phone from NTT DoCoMo offers screen, projector, and keyboard

Apparently NTT DoCoMo has come up with a new device and has announced the “Separate Keitai F-04B” which is quite a mouthful to say the least, and the device was apparently made by Fujitsu, and can be taken apart into a separate display unit and keyboard unit with both units communicating via Bluetooth according to techno.

The display of the “Separate Keitai F-04B” contains the main board with communications chip and app processor along with a 3.4 inch touch screen and when both units are connected it works much like a QWERTY slider handset.

The “Separate Keitai F-04B” mobile phone also features a Pico-Projector, a DLP projector with LED source and 854 x 480 resolution, 6 lumens and sports an 800mAh battery which should deliver roughly two hours at the highest luminance. Apparently the projector will be sold as a separate unit.

NTT DoCoMo did showcase a prototype of the “Projector Keitai” back at CEATEC in Japan in 2008, however back then the projector was integrated into the mobile phone. No word on any pricing for this one as yet.


One thought on “3-way split phone from NTT DoCoMo offers screen, projector, and keyboard”

  1. JackG says:

    Why only one additional keyboard !
    2, 3, 4, 5, … self-adhesive keyboard linked by wireless (e.g. Bluetooth) to a cell phone, it’s the concept of ad-Key.
    ad-Key, one French innovation.
    Advantages; comfort, conveniency, health, … to be fun.