Could this be the first Samsung Bada phone?

As you are probably aware, old Samsung has now moved into the mobile phone operating system arena with the announcement of their new mobile OS they call bada, but since the announcement there’s been very little else about what bada will look like or even what the mobile phones will look like that carry Samsung bada OS.

Unfortunately it is a case of waiting until Sammy opens up a little more on bada when they make an official unveiling in the United Kingdom in December. Although it is obvious Samsung want their cut of the OS market and are getting ready to take it.

So what about the bada sporting handsets? Well apparently a shot of what is presumed to be the first Samsung handset with bada OS has popped up on the net waves courtesy of gsmhelpdesk, but only the shot, no details, pricing, specs or anything.

This could of course just be a Photoshop image, as there is very little one can actually tell from the photo, but if it is really the first Samsung bada handset it does look sleek and stylish; just a pity there are no details to judge it by, what do you think?