Samsung Denies Binning Symbian

The rumours hit the net waves over the past couple of day that now that Samsung has announced their new bada operating system, Samsung will actually bin Symbian sometime next year. Well apparently Samsung has denied they are to drop Symbian for their bada.

According to an article over on mobile burn, they contacted Samsung’s Seoul headquarters and apparently Samsung says the reports of them ditching Symbian are unfounded and not true as they are an initial member of the Symbian Foundation.

Samsung says they will continue to cooperate with the Symbian Foundation, while at the same time will support existing open operating systems such as Android, Symbian, Linux and Windows Mobile, and will continue with their “multi-OS strategy.”

So there it is, Samsung will not be sending Symbian to the bin and will continue supporting it; however that doesn’t mean old Sammy won’t dump Symbian in the future especially if their bada operating system takes off well.

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