iPhone Worm Modified as New Threat iPhone/Privacy.A

Remember the report earlier about an Australian hacker coming up with the first iPhone worm which targeted jailbroken iPhone handsets with the Rick Astley wallpaper, you can remind yourself of it by going (here)

Well the latest news on the iPhone hacking front is that a new and anonymous hacker has now modified that iPhone worm. Apparently the modified iPhone worm has been dubbed “iPhone/Privacy.A” by the online security company intego.

The “iPhone/Privacy.A” strain has been programmed to do numerous things such as act covertly and retrieve SMS messages, emails, photos, contacts, music files, videos, calendar appointments, and just about any other data recorded by the user’s iPhone applications.

Apparently at the moment the threat of becoming infected is low and details on where the worm is uploading the stolen data is scarce. So basically the best option is if you own a jailbroken iPhone then get to work changing that root password.