iPhone TV app a success says China

It appears the iPhone TV app is doing quite well over in China as the Chinese regulator claims that 2000 new users a day and half a million have signed up in the month since its launch reports the Register, but when taking a closer look at the figures they aren’t quite that great.

Apparently said figures include subscribers to streaming TV services that are run by China Unicom and China Mobile; however it is still quite impressive knowing 50 million Chinese watch streaming TV on their mobile phone, whit apparently 4 million watching the close of the Olympic Games on handsets too.

The Chinese State Administrator for Radio, Film and Television has said the iPhone app is certainly popular which is due in part to the applications “strongly recommended” status within the Apple China App Store.

The iPhone app is free via most Apple iTunes App Stores across the globe and apparently works well if you are interested in watching state sponsored media, but the iPhone app does have a somewhat confusing name being called CCTV.COM.

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