New Apple iPhone chip enabling it to work worldwide

It looks like Apple is going for complete world dominance with the iPhone as apparently according to an article over on the Guardian, Apple is planning to launch a new iPhone that should work virtually anywhere in the world.

According to Northeast Securities analyst Ashok Humar, this new iPhone “worldwide” version will initially be offering to the US market next summer by the USA’s largest carrier, Verizon Wireless, and that the new iPhone would further expand its list of mobile network partners.

Apparently the new “world iPhone” will incorporate a chip developed by Qualcomm which can use 3G networks in Asia and Europe and the CDMA 2000 network used by US carriers such as Verizon and other networks across the globe.

Apparently Kumar’s prediction follows on the back of an OTR Global report that quotes Taiwan handset supply chain sources as having said they were contacted to supply a “hybrid” iPhone by Q3 of 2010.

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