Universal brings Blu-ray Releases to iPhone and iPod Touch

Just in time for the festive season, Universal Studios Home Entertainment has introduced Blu-ray releases that include iPhone ands iPod Touch enhanced features which include Universal’s pocket BLU app with Blu-ray versions of Funny People, American Pie Presents: The Book of Love, Inglourious Basterds, Public Enemies and Bruno.

According to an article over on 9to5mac, Pocket BLU also features an advanced remote control to operate your Blu-ray player; Mobile-To-Go whereby users can unlock exclusive content and save to their handset or stream exclusive content over WiFi; Video Timeline which by positioning your phone in landscape mode a user can bring up the video timeline for any point movie access.

Then there is the Pop-Up Keyboard so the use rcan enter data into their Blu-ray player that enables such Blu-ray features as talking with friends or messaging via Twitter and Facebook; and Brows Titles which basically speaks for itself, the user can browse the total list of Pocket BLU enabled titles, and free previews and more.

The Pocket BLU app is a free download for the iPhone and iPod Touch and will be available the same day the Blu-ray title become available however the is no actual date mentioned.


One thought on “Universal brings Blu-ray Releases to iPhone and iPod Touch”

  1. Steve1969 says:

    I have those features on my Blu-ray, can’t really see the point in using them though, most people that use ipods are used to crap quality anyway, maybe they’ll see the light that Blu-ray is the way to go if you want to watch a movie in true HD.