iPhone Unlock with O2 but has conditions attached

Now that the iconic iPhone is available on Orange UK and O2 has now lost exclusivity, O2 is now prepared to let customers unlock their iPhone, but with that unlocking comes a few conditions, which no doubt everyone expected to happen.

According to an article over on intomobile, here are the O2 conditions for unlocking your iPhone…the iPhone can now be unlocked for O2 UK customers as of the 10th of November, Pay Monthly customers iPhone handset can be unlocked at any time free of charge although if you unlock the iPhone and use a non-O2 SIM you will still be required to honour the remaining term of your contract.

For those O2 iPhoners on Pay & Go, the unlocking of the iPhone can start 1 year after the owner purchase their iPhone for a charge of £14.99 which will be deducted from their airtime balance.

So, how does it work? Well the first thing you have to do is complete the iPhone unlocking form and the unlock can take up to 14 days, although O2 will send you a text on receiving you unlock request. You then can slip in a non-O2 SIM, connect to iTunes where iTunes will confirm your iPhone has been unlocked. Seems simple enough, so if you have any problems with this feel free to drop us a comment.


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  1. macca says:

    O2 were excellent. I filled in the online request, and recieved a text saying the unlock was done after just 72hrs. I have 3wks left on my contract, the request was done free of charge as i am a pay monthly customer

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