Will you buy Droid, iPhone, Bold 9700, N900 or other?

As Christmas approaches you may think of treating yourself to a new mobile phone as there are plenty to choose from, or maybe you want to place one on your Christmas wish list, or even fancy a new phone for the New Year.

Well there are at least four strong contenders for your hard earned cash, the most obvious being the iconic Apple iPhone which is now available from Orange UK along with Phones4U, Carphone Warehouse and of course O2.

But the iPhone isn’t the only option out there with strong competition from the likes of the latest from Motorola the Motorola Droid, Research In Motion’s latest the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Nokia’s newest baby the Nokia N900.

So what we’d like to know is given the option of these four smartphones, which one would you purchase, or maybe like to find in your Christmas stocking this year, or maybe there is another handset you’d prefer. Drop us a comment below with your wish list.


6 thoughts on “Will you buy Droid, iPhone, Bold 9700, N900 or other?”

  1. jason says:

    A good friend of mine says, “iPhone is a TOY and the BlackBerry is a tool.” I will be getting the Bold 9700 when it comes out.

    The iPhone doesn’t even play Flast enabled sites.

  2. lta says:

    The iPhone has t0 be the number one choice. In addition to the phone you get access to 100,000 apps. I can’t live without some of the apps like NeuroMobile. I doubt that any of these other phone will ever be able to match the iPhone applications.

  3. Paul says:

    I’m STILL WAITING for the Nokia E72!! But…I dread switching from T-Mobile to AT&T for the 3G. So maybe the Bold 9700…In LA, T-Mobile isn’t bad at all!

  4. Really wanted the N900, T-Mobile 3G, Good specs. But am completely fed up with being jerked around by Nokia. They say the phone is shipping, but not one person out there has any idea when, or to whom the orders are going. So I am going to end up with a Droid, I would love an iphone, but will under no circumstances go to AT&T.

  5. richhs says:

    i have an iphone 3g, and htc hd2 and a nokia n900.. the blackberry bold is a horrible device,

    the iphone, the winmo the android the maemo rip it to shreads..

    it depends what you want,, but for work user get the hd2.. if you want a nice phone that does everything well and is very stable get the iphone, if you are bored of the iphone get the hd2(or wait for an android version if you dont like winmo– although you never really have to go into winmo that much) – it is beautifull- once you have touched the phone you will puke at the sght of a blackberry.. if you are a geek get the n900(its a proper linux pc in your pocket)

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