iPhone Incentive: O2 UK Launch Total Connectivity Bolt On

Of course this has absolutely nothing to do with the fact that Orange UK is now offering the iPhone, or now that O2 has lost iPhone exclusivity, but apparently O2 UK has now announced a new incentive to keep their iPhone packing customers interested.

According to the guys over at intomobile, O2 UK has announced their iPhone Total Connectivity Bolt On which apparently enables existing and new iPhone customers to buy the iPhone Internet Tethering bolt-on and get the standard O2 Home Broadband package for zilch.

Basically what the iPhone user will get when taking advantage of this O2 UK offer is home broadband standard bundles into the bolt-on and free, and apparently O2 has reduced the price of their internet tethering by about five quid.

The new incentive from O2 UK is available as of right now, and probably like me you don’t really believe this move has nothing to do with Orange UK stepping into the iPhone game.