Video: Saygus VPhone Hands-on

One would expect the next Verizon Android handset to come from either Motorola or HTC, but apparently that may not be the case as it may come from a fairly unknown company called Saygus which is a small Utah based company that specialises in video calling software.

Apparently the guys over at pcmag got together with Chad Sayers the chief executive of Saygus and Tim Riker, the firm’s chief tech officer to get the low-down on what is known as the VPhone or V1 which apparently will be the only 2-way video calling phone in the United States, that is of course if it ever makes it to market.

The VPhone is to be the first consumer handset certified via Verizon’s Open Development Initiative and will be the only Verizon Android handset so far not to feature the “Droid” tag. However, video calling isn’t the only trick of the VPhone as it will also act as a WiFi access point much like Novatel’s MiFi connecting up to 8 computers at the same time.

So what about VPhone specs, well the VPhone was manufactured by a Chinese manufacturer for Saygus, and is thicker but lighter than the Motorola Droid and sports an 800 x 480 display, runs Android 1.6, a 5 megapixel camera on its rear with a VGA camera at the front, GPS, FM radio and Bluetooth.

Currently the price of the VPhone is unclear as Verizon has said they will not subsidise ODI handsets, however Sayers has said they are working on some sort of subsidy arrangement be it by Verizon or their retailers. We have a video hands-on with the VPhone for your viewing pleasure which can be viewed below…enjoy.