Motorola Droid Ripped Apart and Exposed

It’s probably enough to make a Motorola Droid owner burst into tears, but some ingenious Droid owner over at phone wreck simply couldn’t resist the temptation to tear down the Motorola Droid smartphone, although apparently it was no easy task to accomplish.

And apparently you’re not meant to rip the Motorola Droid apart as it seems even locating some of the screws holding the Droid together was a problem, but persistence prevailed along with some ingenuity and the Motorola Droid became exposed for all to see.

Surprisingly enough the Motorola Droid came apart in the form of 16 pieces, one would have thought it would have been more considering Motorola must have used some Moto magic to slip that sliding QWERTY into such a tight unit.

Suffice to say no matter how difficult a manufacturer tried to make taking apart a mobile phone, someone will always manage to get down to the nitty-gritty and expose it in all its un-jointed glory, although we don’t advice anyone trying this themselves.


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