BlackBerry Bold 9700 for Business and Consumer

Within the next two weeks Research In Motion will release their latest BlackBerry smartphone, the BlackBerry Bold 9700 to the European and United States markets, and apparently RIM is hoping the BlackBerry Bold 9700 will bridge the gap between consumer and business reports v3.

The new BlackBerry Bold 9700 is a smaller handset than RIM’s previous QWERTY handsets and comes with the optical trackpad rather than the trackball which was introduced to in part to counter “clogging” claims of the trackball along with mimicking a laptop user experience.

Over here in the UK the BlackBerry Bold 9700 will be with T-Mobile and Vodafone while over in the states the smartphone will go with T-Mobile and iPhone carrier AT&T. RIM has added full support for enterprise server software in the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and thus RIM is positioning the handset towards the business space while hoping the multimedia functions will draw the business user with an eye for consumer features.

Blair Young, director of carrier products at Research IN Motion has remarked that the BlackBerry Bold 9700 is a crossover between a business phone to one that owners would feel comfortable using as a consumer handset.

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