iPhone Users Poll: Will you stay with O2 or go with Orange?

So over here in the United Kingdom we now have another source of obtaining the king of smartphones, the iconic iPhone; with the iPhone now being available from Orange UK and of course O2 UK.

O2 UK has held exclusivity over the iPhone for some time and now that Orange UK has broken that exclusivity there is a wider choice for the potential iPhone customer and with Vodafone picking up the iPhone as well early next year that choice will be even wider.

So with this in mind, and as we know iPhone pricing is virtually the same with Orange as it is with O2, will O2 lose iPhone customers to Orange? Orange believes they have the network for the iPhone which could be taken that O2 doesn’t, while O2 is hitting back with iPhone incentives to keep hold of their iPhone customers.

However, when it comes right down to the nitty-gritty the best way to gain or keep a customer is to keep said customer happy and that is accomplished best by low pricing. So, all our iPhone toting readers out there, our questions is…

Will you stay with O2 or go with Orange? Please vote in our poll which you will find below.

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