BlackBerry Bold 9700 to hit T-Mobile on 16th

Ah the rumours of just when Research In Motion’s latest baby, the BlackBerry Bold 9700 smartphone will actually hit T-Mobile continue to pop up on the net waves, with the first date being the 16th of November and then next was the 18th and now according to tmonews the BlackBerry Bold 9700 goes official with T-Mobile as of the 16th of November.

So it looks like the original rumoured 16th is actually the correct date; they gain their knowledge via a statement leaked on T-Mobile’s internal systems which states…This Holiday, T-Mobile is scheduled to launch the first 3G BlackBerry with WiFi calling, the BlackBerry Bold 9700 on November 16.

The leak then goes on to state that the Bold 9700 launched on November 9 in the Business channel only, and then adds the usual short feature list such as 3.2 MP camera, full QWERTY, optical trackpad and the like.

Suffice to say this is still just a rumour as actual confirmation from T-Mobile or Research In Motion hasn’t been forthcoming, but as the 16th is just 3 days away it isn’t too long to wait and find out.

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