Video: Android on a Palm Treo 650

Google’s Android operating system is a versatile thing that can be ported to many a mobile phone, even older handsets such as the Palm Treo 650 from way back in 2004, although one is not too sure as to why someone would want to port Android to an old handset, but apparently they have.

And to prove it has been accomplished they made a video courtesy engadget, of Android running on the Palm Treo 650 which originally runs the old school Palm OS and with just 32MB of RAM and a 312MHz processor, the old Treo 650 must have struggled some booting Google’s mobile operating system.

Still if you are into nostalgic mobile phone such as the Palm Treo 650, and like to see how they fair with today’s modern operating system then hit up the video below and enjoy.

Unfortunately there are no step by step instructions on just how it was accomplished, but still it just goes to show what a little time, patience and know how can accomplish.

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