Announcement: Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition launched, features and details

A new press release in today reveals that the Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition has launched, the new Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition is basically an entertainment hub that puts together social networking, mobile broadcast TV (DVB-H) and gaming all on one device.

Many mobile phone users will watch TV on their devices and this it will get even more popular as time goes on, this handset is very easy to use and will offer easy access to users who wish to enjoys the fruits of an exceptional live on-the-move TV experience.

You will be able to watch TV anywhere thanks to the Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition’s DVB-H technology, the QVGA 2.4″ screen in full-colour will give you great viewing with crystal clear and sharp images, this phone also has a 3.5mm headphone port which will give you amazing sounds. It only takes one-click and you will be able to access live broadcasts, Nokia has the innovative Electronic Program Guide (EPG) for a truly tailored mobile broadcast TV experience. The Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition will cost 155 Euros before taxes and subsidies.

Nokia vice president Mark Selby said,

“The introduction of the Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition responds to the arrival of DVB-H broadcast mobile TV networks in new markets and offers an affordable device for new and existing customers alike. Customers are increasingly watching a variety of programmes on their mobiles, such as drama programs, news and sport, for a longer period of time. The Nokia 5330 Mobile TV Edition has the sound and image quality to hold audiences captive.”

Main features include: Catch up with friends anytime thanks to the latest social networking software which means you can use Facebook, YouTube, Ovi Contacts, MySpace, ICQ, AOL, Google Talk, Windows Live(TM) Messenger, Yahoo! Messenger and many more. Other cool features include a 3.2 megapixel camera with 4x digital zoom and LED flash, access music and apps, Nokia’s innovative Comes with Music service,

For more information please read the full Nokia Press Release

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