Latest Verizon Droid Ad Takes on iPhone?

Apparently Verizon has stepped up their assault against the iPhone with their Droid advert campaign, this time by posting a page in Sports Illustrated which is of course all about Droid but seems to be hitting a bit more personal over negotiations with Apple to deliver the iPhone to Verizon reports an article over on Cnet.

The text of the page goes like this…This is a world of “nope,” “nuh-uh” “sorry, Charlie.” A world of smiling denial. Petty tyrannies that have made their way into our cell phones. Into the very way we choose to speak to another human being. There are dozens of doesn’ts. Doesn’t allow customisation. Doesn’t run multiple apps. Doesn’t allow you to swap out batteries. doesn’t allow open development. These arrogant little devices are barely worth more than the pocket link they rest upon. Because now there’s a phone so smart, so strong. So subservient to its user, it refuses to include “doesn’t” in its dictionary app. In a world of doesn’t. Droid Does.

Obviously yet another swipe at the iPhone, so will Apple respond to this latest attack on their iPhone from Verizon and Droid? Will it make Apple address some of the issues with the iPhone? Or is Verizon simple spouting the gab to push Droid sales?

Most importantly is this a good way of going about getting the iPhone on the Verizon network, or will Apple simply say stuff it Verizon? Let us know your thoughts on this latest advert for Droid from Verizon.