Hands-on Review: Titanium Zirconia & Purple Shine Hard Cases for iPhone 3G/3GS

If you are looking for a hard case not only to protect your Apple iPhone 3G or 3GS but to make it look pretty special as well then might we suggest either the Titanium Zirconia & Purple Shine Series Hard Cases, we had these two cases sent to us via Case Hut and below we will give you our first impressions and overall summary of these two iPhone accessories, oh and of course a few pictures we have taken with them off the iPhone and on the iPhone.

Before we give you our hands-on review let us tell you a little about the cases, first up is the Titanium Zirconia Series Hard Case for iPhone 3G/3GS which in our eyes is pretty bling, it will protect your phone from scratches and knocks and is made from durable material, it has a very stylish effect which will get you noticed and you get all the port-holes for the buttons. The Titanium Zirconia Series Hard Case is only £8.99 which you can buy via Case Hut (You can also buy via casehut.com as well).


Next up is the Purple Shine Series Hard Case for iPhone 3G/3GS which you can buy via Case Hut for £7.99, this one has a mirror effect hence being in the shine series and this one offers you the same protection and features of the Titanium Zirconia Series Hard Case but with a little extra feature, and that feature is a cut-out for the Apple logo.

First Impressions:

Let’s start with the Purple Shine Series Hard Case, this one is personally my favourite and I asked many of my friends and family members which one they preferred and they also chose this case, yes some of the ladies liked the Titanium Zirconia but the Shine case came out on top of choice.


This one is Purple but many asked me why have I got a ‘PINK’ case on my iPhone, I said “It is not pink it is purple”, nevertheless they all liked it. Below you can see pictures off this case on its own and on the iPhone. This case does exactly what it is supposed to do, and that is to protect your smartphone. Below in our summary we will tell you why we prefer this one overall.

Now moving onto the Titanium Zirconia Series Hard Case, this one is ok but really not one for me to put on my iPhone, it is a little to bling for me to be honest but we can see mass appeal for it if you wish to get noticed. We have a few issues with this series and that it when holding it in your hand you get the little circular Zirconia bits left in your hand, maybe this is a case that needs wearing in but the bits do fall off and is not what I personally like, this is still a very good case that will protect your iPhone there is no doubting that and it does stand out.


Phonesreview.co.uk Overall Summary: If I had to choose out of the 2 cases I would personally pick the Purple Shine Series Hard Case, it looks very good indeed, protects your iPhone from all the knocks and scratches etc and the colour looks fantastic. You can get different colours in both of the series so there is a massive choice, we recommend you head over to Case Hut as they have a vast collection of cases and we do say there will be a case that would suit you and best of all the cases are very cheap to buy.

They are not the most amazing cases on the market but they do look good, they do the job of protecting your phone, they do come in many colours and best of all for the price you will be paying we do say you are getting value for money.

Visit Case Hut right now and see what they have to offer you, if you already have one of their cases please do send in your mini-review and let us know what you think. Check out the pictures below of both of these cases and see what you think.

You can either visit http://www.casehut.co.uk/ or http://www.casehut.com/ for more information.

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