T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9700 Online Instant Discount

T-Mobile now has the BlackBerry Bold 9700 online and is offering a discount, there has been a lot of news about this mobile phone and now in USA you can get your mitts on it.

This premium handset will give you all the features you need thanks to cutting edge technology, when you buy this BlackBerry Bold 9700 you will also get in the box a 2GB SD Card, Charger, Battery, BlackBerry Desktop Software, Stereo Hands-Free Headset and a USB Cable.

The suggested retail price is $449.99 but thanks to an instant saving of -$250.00 you will pay just $199.99, how long have you been waiting to get your hands on the 9700 and is this going to be the best phone you have ever had.

Please do let us know if you are going to purchase the BlackBerry Bold 9700 from T-Mobile and indeed if you already have, we would love to know what you think about this handset. Thanks, oh just so you know Walmart is offering this phone for only $99.99 (Well sort of).


2 thoughts on “T-Mobile BlackBerry Bold 9700 Online Instant Discount”

  1. Wart Removal says:

    Went to walmart this morning to try and get one with a $100 gift card. They had no idea what the 9700 was or when they would be getting it. Best Buy also had no clue. Showed up to the T-Mobile store about 9:15 and was the first one to get it. It was not even in the system under upgrades yet so they had to call to get the price. A more streamlined launch would have been much better…but coming from an 8320, I absolutely love my 9700!