Video: Nokia N97 Mini First Look and Impressions

The Nokia N97 Mini smartphone, is it better than the Nokia N97 or just a slightly smaller version? Well the guys over at Nokia experts have taken a long look at the Nokia N97 Mini and have come up with their first impressions on the slightly smaller brother to the Nokia N97.

The Nokia N97 Mini they looked into was the UK version of the smartphone so there was no US 3G and compares both handsets without touching on network speeds. The Nokia N97 Mini was already charged when received so the review slipped in the T-Mobile SIM although he says the battery cover was a tad hard to remove.

The review was impressed with the feel of the Nokia N97 Mini which is thinner and narrower than the N97 yet feels more solid and dense in the hand. Once checking out the Nokia N97 Mini keyboard the conclusion was it is better than that on the Nokia N97 as the keys are more rubberised and have more travel.

As for the display resolution, that is the same for both Nokia N97 and N97 Mini although the smaller display on the Mini delivers a sharper display. The reviewer also made a video of the first look at the Nokia N97 Mini which lasts almost 10 minutes and can be viewed below…enjoy.

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