Samsung WEP490 Corby Bluetooth Headset in multi-colours for Russia

It looks like Samsung is extending their accessory range for the Samsung Corby family and is a nice Bluetooth headset, the Samsung WEP490 Corby Bluetooth headset to be precise, reports an article over on the Samsung hub, and the Samsung WEP490 comes in a variety of colours.

One presumes the colour options for the Samsung WEP490 Corby Bluetooth headset is so users can match the Bluetooth headset with their Samsung Corby mobile phone. Apparently there are four two-tone colour variations available and an all black version as well.

All of the Samsung WEP490 Corby Bluetooth headsets feature sharp design, a large button for accepting and ending calls, a status LED indicator, volume control keys, echo cancellation, noise reduction, and a battery life that can deliver up to six hours of talk time along with 180 hours of standby.

The first country that will gain the Samsung WEP490 Corby Bluetooth headset will be Russia and will command a price tag of some 1300 rubles which is approximately US$45.


2 thoughts on “Samsung WEP490 Corby Bluetooth Headset in multi-colours for Russia”

  1. acenotmary says:

    I’m using it now and I’m totally satisfied with the sound quality and there’s almost no static. The distance range with the cell phone is 10m, which is quite good. The best part of WEP490 is Auto Volume Control!! This product is worth the money, if you try it you won’t regret it.

  2. b0n3zs says:

    I’ve been in the delivery business for some time. I thought about quitting several times because of customers complaining about not answering their calls. A co-worker recommended using a Bluetooth headset. He always had this thing on his ears and I always wondered why he listened to music with only one ear and it was a Bluetooth headset… I mean, I’m not an FBI or anything and I thought wearing one would be weird.. but I decided to get one because I didn’t want to argue with the customers about missed calls. I got Samsung WEP490 and the color is nice and the battery lasts long. At this one time, I left my phone in the car and went into a store for delivery and the phone still got connected. It was about 10 meters apart but I was quite surprised to see that it worked!