WebOS now has an official Facebook app

Most mobile phones now give the user some social networking love in the form of Facebook, and well if you are an owner of a Palm Pre or Palm Pixi you obviously want the same social networking love as other smartphones, so Palm webOS has now gained an official Facebook application reports engadget mobile.

They do say thought Facebook for webOS is your basic barebones social networking application, it drags in raw live stream which seems to be unfiltered even if the user has said no to suck updates on their main feed they still pop up.

The basics are there, click on a link and it goes to the browser, click a YouTube link and it goes to the YouTube application and you can upload photos and update your status, but generally that’s your lot as the users can’t search Facebook for information or stuff like that.

If you click on anyone’s photo or name in the webOS Facebook app it pops up their contact information but other than that there’s not a great deal else, but it is better than no Facebook at all right? And you will of course require the webOS 1.3.1 update.

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