New MVNO Simple Mobile Launched offering $40 Unlimited Voice

A new mobile virtual network operator known as Simple Mobile has apparently launched across the United States and plans on offering contract free GSM based plans starting at $40 for unlimited voice and up to $50 for unlimited voice and text along with a 20MB of data a month according to an article over on phone scoop.

Although a customer can apparently upgrade to 40MB per month at an extra charge of $5 per month; the company reckons they don’t do background checks or even credit checks and do not charge an activation fee or require long term contracts.

You can apparently take your existing mobile phone number with you and they offer a selection of 6 mobile handsets, but have approved some 180 different handsets to use their mobile services including the licks of Nokia, Samsung, RIM BlackBerry, Motorola and HTC.

They even have a network coverage map on their website which intimates their service is available in several of the USA’s top markets, but doesn’t actually mention any 3G services.


2 thoughts on “New MVNO Simple Mobile Launched offering $40 Unlimited Voice”

  1. Pablo C. says:

    Unless you enjoy being treated as an undervalued customer, I would NOT PURCHASE simple mobile. I had purchased and activated my Simple sim card and about 21 hours later they terminate my line for “excessive and/or burdensome usage.” So unless I was the guy in the AT&T commercial and messaged everyone in the nation, I have not violated a thing.
    I contacted customer care about the misunderstanding but all they do is send a “ticket” for my phone to inspected. I was patient and called every day to ensure that they don’t forget but its the same story over and over, and nothing happens. And what bugs me is that when I call my simple number a man answers, and tells me that it has been his t-mobile phone number for some time now.
    And the simple mobile corporate acts just like a scammer would, absent when things go wrong.
    I paid a total of $87 for activation & service that only allowed me to make about 5 phone calls.

    I STRONGLY DO NOT RECOMMEND SIMPLE MOBILE for anyone. Go with a real company that cares.

  2. Mike says:

    Some of you complain too much…..
    You don't have to be a rocket scientist to realize that this is an awesome deal, you get unlimited talk+ text+ and a little web…

    Obviously, this plan is not for those of who seat on the internet 24hours.

    You have to realize that not everyone wants to pay $30 for internet access that you barely use on your phone, I wish more companies would give you the option to buy limited data plans instead of forcing you to get their data plans.

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