Video: MI-O Cell Phone Charger works with iPhone

If you own an iPhone you will have noticed that the charge cord is somewhat short on length which can on the odd occasion make charging the iPhone a bit of annoyance, but there is apparently a solution to this problem and is called the MI-O Cell Phone Cradle.

The MI-O Cell Phone Cradle is an accessory which helps with charging your iPhone, and other mobile phones of course, and keeps the iconic handset close to the socket while wrapping the charger wire around its expandable wings.

So this is apparently how the MI-O Cell Phone Charger works; you place the device between the outlet and handset charger, then insert the charger cable into the opening on either side to secure the handset mobile phone in place and then wrap the cable around the wings.

Just so you can get a better understanding of the MI-O Cell Phone Charger we have a video for your viewing pleasure courtesy of yanko design, which can be viewed below, and the MI-O Cell Phone Charger is available from their website for $4.

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