iPhone Fan iPhone Home Button Earrings for $14.95

If you are a fashion conscious iPhone owner and on the lookout for the latest piece of iPhone orientated gear, you may be interested in this one, some iPhone inspired jewellery for the lady iPhone fans, or even the guys for that matter.

What we have here is a pair of earrings fashioned in the form of iPhone “home” buttons to match up with your iconic smartphone, and is apparently made of real iPhone home buttons; no imitation stuff here then.

Guess there must be an over manufacture of iPhone home buttons available to have them made into fashion jewellery, but no doubt many a dedicated iPhone fan will want a set, which they can purchase exclusively via powerbookmedic for the not too bad price of $14.95.

So if any of our iPhone toting readers out there happen to be swayed into purchasing a pair of iPhone home button earrings, feel free to let us know what the quality is like and if you like them.

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