Palm Pixi has arrived on Sprint for $99

On November the 15th the latest smartphone from Palm, the lighter brother to the Palm Pre smartphone, the Palm Pixi officially arrived with Sprint and commands a price tag of just $99 based on a 2 year agreement and after a $100 rebate.

However there are some online retailers who are offering the Palm Pixi smartphone for even less at around $50 or less such as Amazon reports an article over on eweek.

The Palm Pixi differs from the Palm Pre mainly on the keyboard with the Palm Pre sporting a slide keyboard while the Palm Pixi is more of a slab type keyboard with a 2.63 inch touch screen above.

Apparently Current Analysis’ Avi Greengart has said that the Palm Pixi is really all about price and form factor, it’s affordable and cute, and Palm is clearly going after the Centro demographic, and that the Palm Pixi is Sprint’s entry into the $99 8GB touch screen category pioneered by the iPhone 3G.

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