Walmart Display Palm Pixi Early

It appears that the Palm Pixi has gone on early display at a Walmart store in Tennessee, and it also appears that Walmart is listing the Palm Pixi for a retail price of $400 according to an article posted over on precentral.

Also Walmart didn’t have the Palm Pixi fully in their system and thus there was no chance of purchasing the Palm Pixi ahead of the official release on Sunday, although jumping the gun with displays doesn’t surprise and no doubt others who offer the Palm Pixi will also do the same.

Sprint by tradition virtually always release a mobile phone on a Sunday, but it is inevitable that some stores will go right ahead and sell the handset before hand, and Sprint telesales often allow the purchase as early as the Thursday before the release day.

However, with just a couple of days to go, if you are in the market for a Palm Pixi smartphone just bide your time and don’t go banging on your local Sprint or Walmart door.


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