No Palm Pre iTunes Sync in WebOS 1.3.1

Palm has now pushed out their update to webOS with update 1.3.1 which weighs in at 126MB and delivers numerous tweaks to improve the webOS experience on the Palm Pre, but the one thing webOS 1.3.1 doesn’t deliver is sync to iTunes according to pcworld.

We know in the past there has been a tit-for-tat fight between Palm and Apple about the Palm Pre syncing with iTunes, something that Apple is against, and has made sure the Palm Pre can’t achieve sync.

Probably many Palm Pre owners hoped webOS 1.3.1 would again bring iTunes sync to the Pre but not this time round; so has Plam thrown in the towel over iTunes sync?

What webOS 1.3.1 does deliver are Yahoo! services such as calendar and contact sync, and Yahoo Instant Messenger, and there’s the ability to forward texts, copy text and delete instant messages via tapping the menu, and YouTube native videos on the web will open in the YouTube application