Video: Jimmy Kimmel Touts Motorola Droid Goodness

I guess you have to be, or at least have the same kind of humour as our American buddies over in the States to find this video kind of funny, but basically the video which can be viewed below features Jimmy Kimmel pushing the goodness of the Motorola Droid.

Being a Brit, I’ve never heard of the two guys in the video but obviously they are well known stateside, and they compare the new Motorola Droid with an old time brick mobile phone, which of course goes without saying the Motorola Droid comes out on top.

Kimmel touts the simultaneous application usage along with Horizon’s 3G network for web surfing, and voice command Google Search, where the other guy asks the brick phone to “search for monkey pictures please.”

Like I said, I guess you have to have that American humour to really appreciate this video courtesy of everything android, but check it out and let us know what you think. Now if Kimmel had of put the Motorola Droid up against the iPhone I wonder what the results would have been like.


2 thoughts on “Video: Jimmy Kimmel Touts Motorola Droid Goodness”

  1. zonnked says:

    Being from U.S. side of the pond I found it only slightly amusing, but one thing is clear, this is a paid commercial stuck in the middle of his regular show.
    (One give away is the “Google navigation is beta” overlay.)

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